Getting a good tan can boost your confidence and overall well being. We love a sunkissed look – but, what is the best way to get one? Today we are going to compare two options, tanning bed rentals and spray tans.

Spray Tans

Spray tans have hit the market and done well because they are an easy option. Wherever you may be, you can get your spray tan done.

This type of tan has instant results and allows you to be in total control of what shade you would like.

The process starts with you getting a full-body scrub. It is followed by the spray down, the development of the colour and then – aftercare.

During the first day, you will look quite dark and probably want to hide away for a bit while it develops! You won’t want to touch any clothing while it is drying for the risk of staining as well.

Once it has developed and washed off, you will have a day where your colour is spot on! However, this washes off.

If you would like your spray tan to last longer you will need to reduce showering (we recommend dry shampoo!) and moisturize daily.

Sunbed Hire UK

Exposure to sunlight – natural or artificial – is the best option.

This will give your skin that ‘glow’ that nothing else on the market can. You will not have a time period where you need to worry about the rubbing off or extra dark look – because it isn’t a coating on your skin, it is your skin! The sunbed is the real deal.

There are other benefits that have been linked with sunbeds such as treatment for seasonal affective disorder and providing the body with vitamin D.

Home Sunbed Hire Near Me

Here at Quick Tan Sunbeds, we bring that glow to your home! No need to go out – you can get all of the pamperings right from your residence.

Browse our pricing here to see what we have and find the right choice for you. We look forward to hearing from you.