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Sunbed Hire Sheffield

With electronic tube options that prevent you from overheating, optimised UVA/UVB technology for better performance, and conventional tubes available, Quicktan is the place to rent a sunbed in Sheffield

Rent a sunbed – Sheffield delivery

You can rent a sunbed in and around Sheffield for free, with options to suit every style of home.

Sunbed hire – Sheffield options

4 to 12-week sunbed hires are popular, but we can accommodate longer or shorter timeframes. Call our office on 0114 2249133 for more information.

Single Canopy Sunbeds

Introducing our foldaway single canopy sunbeds, crafted for seamless domestic use. Easily transport, manoeuvre, and store with their foldable design. Enjoy flexibility as they can be used over a bed, chair, or sun lounger, thanks to their simple swivel action and convenient hydraulic gas damper for effortless height adjustment.

Single Canopy Elite

Crafted from advanced composite materials like Acrylic Capped A.S.A plastic and UPVC, the Elite is not only extremely robust but also lightweight and elegant.

  • 9 safe tanning 200-240w tubes
  • 4 optional facial tubes
  • Curved to encourage even tanning
  • Consumes 2.21 kWh
  • 10-14p per ten-minute session.
  • Conventional model

Electronic Single Canopy Elite

Easy to transport and store, the electronic single canopy Elite swivels effortlessly over beds, chairs, or sun loungers, making them ideal for tight spaces – only 10" from the wall!

  • 9 safe & fast tanning tubes inc. facial tubes.
  • Optimised UVA/UVB tanning performance
  • Consumes 0.72 kWh
  • 2-4p per ten-minute session
  • Lightweight & easy-to-move
  • Electronic model

Double Canopy Sunbeds

Relax into our 18-tube double canopy sunbeds, available with conventional or cool-tanning electronic ballast tubes. Perfect for unwinding, these lay-down beds require no standing or motion. Equipped with fast-tanning 10-minute tubes, they ensure superior tanning results for your ultimate comfort.

Elite Double Canopy

Indulge in 18 fast tanning tubes and four optional facial tubes for the perfect glow. Experience additional comfort with the curved base, while the curved top ensures maximum tanning potential.

  • 18 fast-tanning tubes
  • Twin safety timers fitted
  • Consumes 2.88 kWh
  • 13-20p per ten-minute session
  • Conventional model

Electronic Elite Double Canopy

Experience a cool tan with 18 rapid tanning electronic tubes, complemented by four facial tubes. The sleek white plastic design features a curved base and canopy, allowing you to stay safe with twin 10-minute timers!

  • 18 fast-tanning and 4 facial tubes
  • Cutting-edge electronic controls offering lower power consumption
  • Consumes 1.56 kWh
  • 7-10p per ten-minute session
  • Electronic model

Standup / Vertical Sunbeds

Experience the epitome of home tanning with our top-tier vertical units, perfect for sunbed home hire. Compact and space-efficient at just 1 square metre, these stand-up sunbeds feature up to 26 modern fast-tanning tubes. Elevate your home with a tanning salon experience tailored for convenience, designed for spaces where every inch matters.

VX Electronic / Black Shadow

Indulge in 24 cutting-edge fast-tanning tubes in our fully enclosed cubicle, complete with a side fan. The sleek black design requires just one 13-amp plug!

  • Available in Black
  • 24 fast-tanning tubes
  • Consumes 1.94 kWh
  • 12p per ten-minute session
  • Electronic model

VX Caribbean 26 Tube Sunbed

Enjoy 26 fast-tanning tubes in this vertical sunbed, available in tropical orange or blue. Circular panels provide optimal coverage in a fully enclosed cubicle with a side fan.

  • Available in Orange and Blue
  • 26 fast-tanning tubes
  • Ergonomic design for optimal comfort
  • Consumes 2.2 kWh
  • 10-12p per ten-minute
  • Electronic model

VX 240 (24 Tube Sunbed)

Experience rapid tanning with 24 fast tanning 240 tubes, stepping into a fully enclosed cubicle with a side fan for added comfort.

  • Available in Grey, Black and White
  • 24 fast-tanning tubes
  • Features a high-capacity, advanced cooling fan
  • Consumes 5.04 kWh
  • 24-35p per ten-minute session
  • Conventional model

Prices From

4 Weeks 5 Weeks 6 Weeks 8 Weeks 10 Weeks 12 Weeks
Single Elite £90 £110 £130 £170 £210 £240
Single Elite Electronic £95 £115 £135 £175 £215 £245
Double Elite £120 £150 £175 £220 £265 £310
Electronic Double Elite £140 £175 £200 £250 £300 £350
VX240 £170 £210 £245 £315 £385 £455
VX Electronic / Black Shadow £180 £225 £265 £340 £420 £490
VX Caribbean £200 £250 £290 £370 £450 £510

Rent a sunbed Sheffield – Get in touch

To find out more about our Sheffield sunbed hire choices, call 0114 2249133. You can also fill in the form below and someone will get back to you.

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Get to grips with Sunbed Running Costs

Home sunbed hire running costs vary by category, with conventional sunbeds typically accruing slightly higher costs. Meanwhile, electronic sunbeds featuring advanced UV tubes, offer benefits such as energy efficiency, cool tanning technology, and optimized UVA/UVB performance, contributing to cost savings.

Electronic Sunbeds

Electronic sunbeds redefine the tanning experience with advanced features like electronic ballasts and cool tanning technology. Despite the upfront costs, the long-term benefits shine through. Electronic tubes offer optimised results and lead to a remarkable 60% reduction in electricity consumption compared to inductive ballasts, making them both a more cost-effective and energy-efficient choice.

Conventional Sunbeds

Opting for a conventional sunbed may seem economical initially. However, they may lead to higher long-term expenses due to increased electricity consumption.

Any Questions?

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