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Sunbed Hire Prices: Choose the best option for your tanning needs

Whether you’re just getting started with indoor tanning or well down the path to luminous skin, we’ve got you covered with our competitive sunbed hire prices

What’s Included?

Free Delivery

Hassle-free delivery to your doorstep, for a seamless start to your tanning experience.

Professional Installation

Our experts will professionally install your sunbed, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Collection Free of Charge

When you’re done, we’ll collect the sunbed at no extra cost.

Complimentary Goggles

For your protection, we provide complimentary goggles for safe tanning sessions.

Safety Information Sheet

Each Quicktan rental comes with a safety sheet, ensuring customer health and wellbeing.

Our Expansive Range of Sunbeds

Explore the sunbed rental prices of each of our state-of-the-art beds. Designed with a luxurious and comfortable experience in mind, these tanning beds combine the best of ergonomic design and cool tanning technology for a beautifully even tan. Featuring up to 26 high-tech tubes, we can tailor to any tanning preference or skin tone.

Single Canopy Elite

Crafted from advanced composite materials like Acrylic Capped A.S.A plastic and UPVC, the Elite is not only extremely robust but also lightweight and elegant.

  • 9 safe tanning 200-240 tubes
  • 4 optional facial tubes
  • Curved to encourage even tanning
  • Consumes 2.21 kWh
  • 10-14p per ten-minute session.
  • Conventional model

Electronic Single Canopy Elite

Easy to transport and store, the electronic single canopy Elite swivels effortlessly over beds, chairs, or sun loungers, making them ideal for tight spaces – only 10″ from the wall!

  • 9 fast tanning 200-240 tubes
  • Optimised UVA/UVB tanning performance
  • Consumes 0.72 kWh
  • 2-4p per ten-minute session

Electronic Double Canopy

Enjoy a perfect glow with 18 fast tanning tubes and four optional facial tubes. The curved base offers added comfort, while the curved top ensures maximum tanning potential.

  • 4-tube facial boost and 18 fast-tanning tubes
  • Twin safety timers fitted
  • Consumes 2.88 kWh
  • 13-20p per ten-minute session

Electronic Elite Double Canopy

Achieve a cool and even tan effortlessly with our cutting-edge tanning bed, equipped with 18 rapid tanning tubes and four optional facial tubes.

  • 18 fast-tanning and 4 facial tubes
  • Cutting-edge electronic controls offering lower power consumption
  • Consumes 1.56 kWh
  • 7-10p per ten-minute session

VX Electronic / Black Shadow

Transform yourself with our cutting-edge tanning booth with 26 fast-tanning tubes, a side fan, and a sleek black design – all powered by just one 13-amp plug!

  • 26 fast-tanning tubes
  • Cool running for a pleasing experience
  • Consumes 1.94 kWh
  • 12p per ten-minute session

VX Caribbean 26 Tube Sunbed

Get ready to experience the power of this bed’s 26 fast-tanning tubes. The circular panels provide optimal coverage and a convenient side fan to keep you cool.

  • 26 fast-tanning tubes
  • Ergonomic design for optimal comfort
  • Consumes 2.2 kWh
  • 10-12p per ten-minute

VX240 (24 Tube Sunbed)

Get a quick tan with 24 high-speed tanning lamps in a fully enclosed booth with a side fan for added comfort and relaxation.

  • 24 fast-tanning tubes
  • Every panel features a high-capacity, advanced cooling fan
  • Consumes 5.04 kWh
  • 24-35p per ten-minute session

Any Questions?

Explore the intricacies of sunbed hiring and discover the excellence of our industry-leading equipment by immersing yourself in our blog – a treasure trove of insights encompassing sunbed safety, expert advice, and personalised content curated to suit all skin tones.

Get to grips with Sunbed Running Costs

Home sunbed hire running costs vary by category, with conventional sunbeds typically accruing slightly higher costs. Meanwhile, electronic sunbeds featuring advanced UV tubes, offer benefits such as energy efficiency, cool tanning technology, and optimized UVA/UVB performance, contributing to cost savings.

Electronic Sunbeds

Electronic sunbeds redefine the tanning experience with advanced features like electronic ballasts and cool tanning technology. Despite the upfront costs, the long-term benefits shine through. Electronic tubes offer optimised results and lead to a remarkable 60% reduction in electricity consumption compared to inductive ballasts, making them both a more cost-effective and energy-efficient choice.

Conventional Sunbeds

Opting for a conventional sunbed may seem economical initially. However, they may lead to higher long-term expenses due to increased electricity consumption.