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Terms and conditions of hiring a sunbed


The agreement of hiring a sunbed is made between Quicktan Sunbeds who is the “Owner” and the hirer who is named in the contract signed on delivery.


The hirer and all users of the sunbed must be over 18 years of age.

The hirer acknowledges that they have received full instructions from the Owner with regards to use of the sunbed and fully understands them.

The hirer’s acceptance of delivery of the goods constitutes conclusive evidence that the hirer is satisfied with the goods. In the unlikely event of a fault arising in the goods the hirer informs the Owner with immediate effect and the Owner will use his best endeavours to correct the fault within a reasonable time frame – usually within 48 hours.

The hirer indemnifies the Owner against all claims, demands and costs, however caused, arising out of any damage, loss, injury or death caused to any property or persons as a result of the use of the sunbed at the hirer’s premises.

The hirer shall not sell, assign, mortgage, pledge, underlet, lend or deal with or part with possession of the sunbed or any interest or attempt to do so.

The hirer must provide photo identification.

The hirer uses the sunbed at his/her own risk – if required the hirer shall consult their medical practitioner if in doubt.

The hirer ensures that the sunbed is fully insured at their own expense throughout the rental agreement against fire, theft and accidental damage.

The hirer shall keep the sunbed at the address given and not move the sunbed.

No refunds are given in the event of early return of the sunbed.

The hirer must be in for collection on the day and in the timeslot given when booking the sunbed.

The timers on the sunbed must be used as directed.

Upon termination of the hire period whether by the hirer or the Owner, it is lawful for the Owner and his agents to take repossession of the sunbed and may enter on to the premises to do this.

In the event that there are outstanding charges at the end of the hire period, the hirer give permission for the Owner to recover these amounts by charging to the card originally used for payment.

Should the hirer wish to extend the hire period of the sunbed, the terms and conditions above will apply and payment for the extended hire period shall be payable in full before the end of the original hire period.


Do not use the sunbed whilst under the influence of drink and drugs

Do not use the sunbed if you feel tired or sleepy

Do not fall asleep whilst using a sunbed

Only use creams and lotions specifically prepared for sunbed use

Always allow one hour for the sunbed to cool down in between different people using the sunbed

Always check that the timers are working properly.

Clean the sunbed thoroughly after each use – any Perspex must be cleaned with an anti bacterial cleaner. Do not use any bleach products.

Consult your supplier if in any doubt or have any questions

Always plug sunbeds directly