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Your Sunbed Home Hire Specialist

We are Quicktan Sunbeds. We bring the latest in sunbed hire technology to the comfort of your home, making it convenient for you to achieve the perfect tan, whatever the season.

Find the sunbed type that is your match made in heaven

We have created a comprehensive range of sunbeds equipped with the latest cool tanning technology for maximum comfort. Looking for a tanning bed that won’t skyrocket your energy bills? Look no further than our state-of-the-art products.

Vertical / Stand up

Possibly one of the best types on the market due to its compact size, vertical sunbeds are uniquely convenient.

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Double Canopy

Featuring a sleek, ultra-modern design, discover how this sunbed offers a glorious tan with its unique features.

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Single Canopy

Designed for easy transport, manoeuvrability, and storage, find out how its simple swivel action brings the sun to you.

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Free Delivery on all of our Sunbed Rentals

Enjoy the FREE perks of your booking: Complimentary UK-wide delivery, seamless installation (upstairs or downstairs), hassle-free collection, complimentary goggles, and a safety instruction sheet. Ready to indulge? Book now and bask responsibly – you must be 18+ with a valid ID card.

Areas we cover

Get to grips with Sunbed Running Costs

Home sunbed hire running costs vary by category, with conventional sunbeds typically accruing slightly higher costs. Meanwhile, electronic sunbeds featuring advanced UV tubes, offer benefits such as energy efficiency, cool tanning technology, and optimized UVA/UVB performance, contributing to cost savings.

Electronic Sunbeds

Electronic sunbeds redefine the tanning experience with advanced features like electronic ballasts and cool tanning technology. Despite the upfront costs, the long-term benefits shine through. Electronic tubes offer optimised results and lead to a remarkable 60% reduction in electricity consumption compared to inductive ballasts, making them both a more cost-effective and energy-efficient choice.

Electronic Single Canopy

Uses 0.72 kw per hour, which equates to approximately 2-4p per ten-minute session.

Electronic Double Canopy

Uses 1.56 kw per hour, which equates to approximately 7-10p per ten-minute session.

VX Electronic / Black Shadow 24 Tube Sunbed

Uses 1.94 kw per hour, which equates to approximately 9-12p per ten-minute session.

VX Caribbean 26 Tube Sunbed

Uses 2.2 kw per hour, which equates to approximately 10-12p per ten-minute session.

Conventional Sunbeds

Opting for a conventional sunbed may seem economical initially. However, they may lead to higher long-term expenses due to increased electricity consumption.

160w Single Canopy

Uses 2.21 kw per hour, which equates to approximately 10-14p per ten-minute session.

Elite Double Canopy

Uses 2.88 kw per hour, which equates to approximately 13-20p per ten-minute session.

VX240 (24 Tube Sunbed)

Uses 5.04 kw per hour, which equates to approximately 24-35p per ten-minute session.

Any Questions?

Explore the intricacies of sunbed hiring and discover the excellence of our industry-leading equipment by immersing yourself in our blog – a treasure trove of insights encompassing sunbed safety, expert advice, and personalised content curated to suit all skin tones.

Providing Superior Sunbed Tube Replacement

Choose Quicktan for high-quality sunbed tube replacements. We promise swift delivery, direct to most areas within 48 hours.

Bespoke Fitting Service

Ease into a hassle-free experience with our sunbed tube fitting service, available in most areas. We’ll also dispose of your old tubes safely and responsibly.

Expert Advice at your fingertips

Need personalised assistance or have questions about any of our sunbeds? Whether you’re a sunbed aficionado or a first-time user, our team is ready to provide tailored advice and support. Contact us today.

Thousands of Tubes in Stock

If your tanning bed requires retubing, we can help. We supply every type of tube directly to the public and trade, maintaining a vast stock of thousands.