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Sunbeds for Hire in Your Home 


Sunbeds to hire and home rentals in Yorkshire – Free delivery!

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We have sunbeds to hire in your home. Tan in the comfort, privacy and safety of your own home. We are the home rentals specialist of quality sunbeds for indoor use for that all over fast tan. The latest sunbed unit are available. Free delivery on all our sunbed rentals.

What Type of Sunbeds Can I Hire?

Our low-cost options mean rental is affordable. Rent or hire sunbeds across Northern England!

You can tailor your home tan plans to suite your own needs. Our extensive portfolio includes foldaway single canopy sunbeds, double canopy lay down types and stand-up vertical sun-showers. They all come with a full set of instructions on how to use them. We provide goggles for free and deliver free of charge!


The best option if you want to fast tan. Also great for relaxing, as it avoids standing or moving around. With its double canopy, this means there are up to 18 tubes included.

Vertical Tanning unit

Ideal for sunbed home hire, we have the best domestic vertical tanning unit on the market ready for you to hire. A stand-up sunbed is economical on space, and includes up to 24 fast tanning tubes. Great if you’re short on space.

Foldaway Single Canopy

Easy to transport, great for home use, easy to manoeuvre about and store away between uses. These are single canopy sunbeds that have the versatility to be used over an existing bed or a sun lounger. They have swivel action for easy unit angling.

Benefits Of Sunbeds


Your Sunbed Specialists in Yorkshire

 Home hire tan solutions have never been easier or more affordable! Our team is at the end of a phone if you have any questions. Free delivery on our sunbeds too, with free goggles provided.


 What Are the Benefits of Sunbeds?

 The UK and Yorkshire are not known for wall-to-wall sunshine. If you choose to use a sunbed, then a sunbed can help you achieve a tan. A tan can help you feel good about yourself. It can be achieved through exposure to natural sunlight or artificially with use of a sunbed. Sunbeds mimic the UV radiation which the sun provides and can give you a golden tan. The UK is a country where sunshine levels are inconsistent meaning most people cannot achieve a tan through sunlight.


What Are the Risks of Sunbeds?

 Sunbed use is linked with UV radiation which many people believe is harmful to the skin.  This is not entirely correct, as excessive radiation is harmful. It is also worth knowing that UV radiation encourages your body to synthesize Vitamin D (sometimes called the sunshine vitamin) from its precursor compounds. If there is no Vitamin D, then your body does not produce the required amounts.


What About Vitamin D?

Vitamin D helps with bone density, keeping it maintained. It is also helpful in keeping your teeth healthy. Vitamin D is vital component in the immune system, the nervous system and the brain. If you have diabetes then Vitamin D can help the condition to be managed.


What About Vitamin D Supplements?

You can, once you’ve spoken with your GP, take supplements to prevent a deficiency in Vitamin D. Yet using a sunbed allows you to get Vitamin D which emulates the more natural process of obtaining it.


What About Mental Health?

During the darker winter months, winter depression can occur, sometimes referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Symptoms include weight gain, tiredness, lack of energy, and irritability. As the UK and Yorkshire in particular is positioned in the higher latitudes, we don’t get much daylight during the winter. Sunlight can encourage the release of endorphins which can help with improved mood.  Sunbeds have been shown to help alleviate the above symptoms.


What About Going on Holiday?

While holidays have been hit and miss in the last year or so, even a UK based staycation can give you an opportunity to tan! If you’re planning a holiday abroad, then perhaps part of your plans could be a pre-tan before take-off. Depending on your skin type, starting to use one of our sunbeds 4 weeks before your holiday can help you achieve a tanned look ahead of your holiday. If you’re going abroad, then you must be aware the sun will probably be much stronger in your holiday destination. If you are planning a summer or winter break, then using a sunbed at home rather than in salon might be the best option for you.


 Is There Any Difference Between Home and Salon Tanning?

Home tanning whether you use a foldaway canopy, vertical or a double lay down sunbed can be just as effective as salon tanning. The big advantage of home tanning is convenience. Safe use is required at all times. Always follow the guidance for sunbed usage suitable for your skin type.


 How Long Can I Hire Your Sunbeds For?

Our rental periods are for four weeks. If you’re not sure which sunbed type to hire, we can help. Find out our tariffs here.


 What About the Sunbed Equipment?

All our sunbeds are carefully maintained and the tubes are changed and replaced regularly. With our up-to-date portfolio, you can rest assured you’ll be using the latest models with state-of-the-art technology, for an optimal tanning experience.


What About Being 0.3 Compliant?

A 0.3 tanning session delivers the same tanning affect as the midday summer sun in the Mediterranean yet without the risk of burning. The 0.3W/m2 measurement also means the home-hired sunbed is the same level of quality as that of a salon-based sunbed. The 0.3 regulation is the maximum output of sunbeds. This complies with all British and European consumer safety regulations.


What To Do Next

If you’re still considering obtaining a fast tan and would like to do this in the comfort of your own home, call Quick Tan Sun Beds today.