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While many are familiar with the sunbed’s ability to impart a golden glow, what lies beneath the surface is a fascinating collection of advantages that stretch far beyond aesthetics. Recent studies have shed light on how tanning can positively influence the perception others have of you, adding an intriguing layer to the sunbed experience. Join us as we explore beyond the tan lines and shed light on the top 10 benefits of sunbed tanning that await those who bask under their radiant light.

What exactly are sunbeds and how do they work?

Sunbeds, also known as tanning beds, are one of the many variations of UV tanning technology designed to give users a goddess-like glow. They rely on UV lamps or bulbs connected to an electric power source to generate UV rays just like the sun; this includes both UVB and UVA rays.

Advancements in this technology mean that newer filters can now block nearly all of the UVB rays without hindering the UVA rays from reaching the skin and producing a lovely tan. Pair this with other features such as cool tanning techniques and the experience is wonderfully relaxing.

What are the benefits of using a sunbed?

Is it even possible to protect your skin and get your glow on, you may ask? Although there is no known “100% safe” way of tanning, indoor sunbeds offer similar benefits to natural sunlight, but in a highly controlled environment. This means that you can exercise precautions to look after yourself such as applying the right lotions and incrementally increasing your exposure time.

With that preamble out of the way, let’s dig deeper into the benefits you can reap from tanning beds.

1.     Get your glow from home

Opting to hire a sunbed can unlock a plethora of benefits, offering flexibility and convenience for those seeking a beach-ready look. Temporary sunbed rentals are also a cost-effective way for individuals to enjoy the benefits of tanning without the commitment of a permanent purchase; they have the opportunity to experiment with different models and features, tailoring the experience to personal preferences.

But beyond, these economic elements, the convenience of having a sunbed at your disposal eliminates the need for regular salon visits, saving time and effort – ideal if you fancy topping up your tan at short notice.

2.     Control your tone

Sunbeds are extremely popular around the world, but nowhere quite like countries with naturally fewer daylight hours such as the Scandinavian trio, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This is in part due to the inherent control sunbeds give users over their UV exposure.

Here, in the UK, wall-to-wall sunshine is an uncommon occurrence. So sunbeds come in particularly handy when we’re craving some vitamin D and a healthy, dewy skin tone. Rather than packing our bags for an expensive Mediterranean getaway, hiring a sunbed at home brings maximum convenience into a familiar space, and at reasonable prices.

Modern sunbeds also have evolved to prioritise user safety, incorporating advanced features such as built-in timers that meticulously manage tanning sessions. With these integrated safety controls, the sunbed automatically powers down after a brief period, mitigating the risk of burning and potential skin damage. This not only ensures a safer tanning experience but also grants users a heightened sense of control over their outcomes.

3.     Tailor the UV to your skin type

Leading on from the previous point, the control that users have over their sunbed experience means that tailoring the light output to your unique preference is not a problem. Unlike the sun, which constitutes around 95% UVA and 5% UVB, sunbeds offer variety; the lamps or tubes can be altered or switched to dial down or increase the levels of UV exposure.

4.     Nourish and flourish with Vitamin D

A common misconception often surrounds the source of UV light and its impact on our well-being. Contrary to popular belief, whether basking under natural sunlight or opting for the controlled environment of a sunbed, the biological processes triggered by UV light remain the same.

It’s crucial to recognise that the health benefits associated with exposure to natural sunlight, such as heightened Vitamin D production, diminished inflammation, improved skin conditions, reduced blood pressure, and enhanced heart health, can be effectively replicated through sunbed use.

The significant advantage here lies in the ability to sustain these health benefits, especially during the winter months when natural UV exposure is limited. In short, tanning beds are a viable solution, offering a reliable source of vitamin D regardless of the season.

a woman relishing the benefits of tanning beds


5.     Encourage bone health

With increased vitamin D levels, comes improved bone health. Thus, responsible tanning can become part of your health regimen. As the UV radiation your body laps up synthesises vitamin D and contributes towards maintaining bone density and dental health, you will find yourself feeling healthier, sprightlier and more beautiful as a result.

6.     Relax and relieve pain

In addition to improved bone health, you might also benefit from the rejuvenating qualities of sunbed tanning that ease your muscles into relaxation, stamping out stiffness and encouraging flexibility.

When the body is in a state of repose and exposed to controlled UV rays during a tanning session, it can contribute to a reduction in muscle tension and discomfort. Professionals in the field even recommend spending time in tanning beds as a complementary approach to addressing sore muscles and body aches.

The unique combination of relaxation and controlled UV exposure creates an environment where individuals can not only achieve a desired tan but also experience relief from physical tension, making tanning beds a surprising yet effective solution for promoting both physical and aesthetic perks.

7.     Bolster your immune system

Exposure to UV rays can be a brilliant booster for your immune system. Research suggests that controlled exposure to UV light prompts the production of Vitamin D in the body, which plays a crucial role in strengthening the immune system. By incorporating sunbed sessions into your routine, you may not only achieve a radiant tan but also contribute to fortifying your body’s natural defences to illness.

8.     Support skin treatment

Did you know that sunbeds can be beneficial for skin conditions such as psoriasis? In certain cases, medical professionals prescribe UV light treatment to address skin ailments, emphasising the therapeutic potential of controlled UV exposure. The precision and consistency offered by sunbeds make them an effective tool for targeted skin treatment, presenting an additional dimension to the multifaceted benefits of these tanning devices.

9.     Boost your mood and confidence

Beyond the physical effects, the impact of tanning bed sessions extends to the realm of mental well-being, with numerous sunbed users reporting an elevated mood and heightened self-confidence post-tanning.

The notion of feeling more visually appealing and attractive with a tan is a sentiment echoed by many. Tanning beds, in particular, contribute to this boost in self-esteem by offering an even and consistent tan across the entire body that you simply can’t get with a box of self-tanner.

Unlike natural sunlight, tanning beds ensure uniform exposure, eliminating the risk of uneven patches or inconsistent tanning. The result is a radiant, all-over glow that not only enhances one’s aesthetic appeal but also fosters a positive self-image.

10.  Prepare for the holidays

Finally, and perhaps the most popular reason people take to the tanning beds, is to get holiday ready. In many cultures, tastefully bronzed skin is an indicator of health, wealth and beauty, or even an aesthetic personality. Whatever underpins your longing to adopt a sun-kissed vibe, you won’t look out of place on the sand after 10 minutes under the UV lights.

Bonus tips for tanning safely

Although we’ve covered the benefits of sunbed tanning, it’s equally important to address the risks. With sunbed users under the age of 35 being 60% more likely to develop melanoma, it’s essential that you use them safely and responsibly. This entails:

  • Limiting your tanning sessions within the recommended dosage.
  • Building up to longer tanning sessions, rather than diving right in.
  • Using suncream and other protective products during tanning.
  • Avoiding sunbeds if you have particularly fair or sensitive skin that burns easily, lots of freckles, moles or red hair, or medical conditions that are worsened by sunlight, e.g. vitiligo.

Always listen to the advice of your doctor and sunbed specialist before using UV tanning equipment, including sunbeds, sunlamps and tanning booths.

Bask in the benefits of our state-of-the-art sunbeds

In the pursuit of radiant well-being, we’ve explored 10 of the remarkable and surprising benefits from tanning beds. Just as regular sunlight serves as a natural ally for your body and mind, tanning beds emerge as a source of transformative benefits for your overall health, when used responsibly.

Whatever your skin type, whether you intend to top up a holiday tan or to give a skin affliction a helping hand, a session basking under those UV rays might just be the thing for you.

To cultivate a luminous tan from the comfort of your home, get in touch with the specialists at Quicktan – we’ll answer any questions and support you every step of the way.